She Should Run

What will happen to the children? 

That’s the question everyone asks when a 38-year-old mother and the wife of a Chicago politician disappears during a cold, January day.  While public and media attention focus on the actions of her husband and the welfare of their children, those hunting her must uncover who she really was — and whether she is still in danger.  

But for those who knew her, the question on their minds is What happened to Clara Monteiro Murphy?  

She: a public affairs professional that represented some of the biggest names in politics; a vocal sexual assault survivor; an unequivocal supporter for her husband.  Detective María Cruz seizes the opportunity to reinvigorate her mid-career slump, and it forces her to test how far she will go in the pursuit of justice.  Sofía Monteiro must reckon with her own past failure to protect her daughter and navigate current responsibilities for her children — and her grandchildren.

A shocked and reeling Scott Murphy wades through his wife’s experiences, her secrets, and his own guilt.  Faced with a decision to find her or to further his own career, he knows what he must do.

She Should Run is a powerful debut novel told by sharp new voices in the #metoo conversations rocking our country.  Set in the days before and after Clara’s sudden disappearance, this psychological thriller tackles some of today’s most important women’s issues in a beautifully-written story about the consequences of assault, the definitions of motherhood, and the strength of one survivor to determine her own future.

Clara Murphy and a diverse cast of characters around her shine in this  novel, packing in the cunning of Gone Girl, the gripping characters à la Tana French, and a journey all Clara’s own.  If you loved The Good Girl or Everything I Never Told You, this book is for you.

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